Zoom’s features and policies concern privacy experts

Via Mashable

The use of Zoom, a web video-conferencing tool, has skyrocketed as more and more of the U.S.’s workforce works remote, due to the coronavirus emergency. However, some privacy experts have pointed out that some of Zoom’s features, like one that alerts a moderator when you’ve had a non-Zoom window open for longer than 30 seconds, are somewhat invasive. Zoom will also track and record personal details such as your IP addresses, and names of applications you have open on your device while using Zoom.

Zoom’s privacy policy is also a little concerning. As several outlets have pointed out, they claim that they don’t sell your data depending on what the definition of ‘sell’ means, an odd statement to make. Further in the privacy policy, they state that some data is shared with analytic and marketing companies (including Google) so it’s hard to say how much of your data is being kept only with Zoom.

If you’re using Zoom, be aware that the session may be recorded by the moderator, Zoom knows about some other activity on your device, and that some of your data might be shared with other companies.

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