Zoom shared user data with Facebook even if they didn’t have an account

Via Motherboard

Zoom, the video-conferencing tool skyrocketing in popularity during these remote working times, recently confirmed that they’re sending user data to Facebook even if the users don’t have a Facebook account.

This kind of data-sharing wasn’t detailed in their privacy policy but Zoom said they would remove the code responsible for this data sharing “in the next few days.” Recent articles have confirmed that Zoom has updated their app and removed the code that was sharing users’ data to Facebook. If users do want to log in via Facebook, Zoom still allows it but via a browser not its ‘log-in with Facebook’ feature.

We should mention that this practice is common and if any app or product has a Facebook integration (nearly all do), they’re also sharing data with Facebook in the same way Zoom is.

For more details, visit Motherboard.

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