Zoom adds 2FA support for all users

Via Bleeping Computer

To improve the security and privacy of its software, Zoom is now offering two-factor authentication (2FA) for all users.

The Issue

Zoom, the video-conferencing tool that exploded in popularity during COVID-19, has been plagued with various security and privacy issues. Hackers and other problematic individuals have also turned their attention to Zoom, looking to exploit vulnerabilities, use stolen passwords to get into accounts, and “zoombomb” meetings.

Over the past several months, Zoom has improved its security and privacy offerings and just recently, announced that it now supports 2FA for all accounts. Zoom is supporting several 2FA sign-in methods, including SMS and authenticator apps.

Your Move

If you have a Zoom account, we recommend turning on 2FA as soon as possible. Zoom (as well as other services) has been documented as a company that hackers are targeting with stolen and reused passwords, hoping to get into accounts that don’t have unique or strong passwords on them.

To learn exactly how to turn on 2FA for your Zoom accounts, check out the Bleeping Computer article here.

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