What is Brave?

A breakdown of the internet’s newest privacy browser

A newcomer to the browser world, Brave is one of the most privacy-friendly options you will find. Here are its most important features.

Privacy: Brave’s Out Of The Box experience

Brave’s most defining features are in its privacy settings and options which are on by default. This marks a significant departure from most browsers. In order to obtain the same level of privacy that Brave offers upon the first install, you’d have to change various settings and likely install additional extensions and plug-ins. Here’s what Brave offers, according to their FAQ and features page:

  • Actual private browsing. Brave doesn’t see or store your private data so there’s no need to worry about them selling your data to any third parties.
  • Content, tracker, and ad-blockers galore. By default, Brave blocks ads, third-party cookies, tracking scripts, and fingerprinting attempts (a more invasive form of tracking).
  • Secure site navigation. Brave will automatically navigate to the most secure version of a site possible so even if you click on an HTTP site (insecure), it will redirect to the HTTPS version (secure).
  • Built-in password manager. Brave has a built-in password manager that you can use in conjunction with its form auto-fill for easier navigation that doesn’t compromise on security.
  • History and data customization. Like many browsers, Brave allows you to clear your cookies, browsing history, and browsing data.

These features are what makes Brave standing out. If you can invest the small time required to switch browsers (Brave supports importing data from your previous browser), you’ll have already taken a significant step in making your life more private. However, Brave does offer additional features.

The extras

Brave includes quite a few customization options for its ad and tracker blocking. If you don’t want to block ads or trackers [ED. NOTE: You should], Brave makes customization easy. If certain webpages are giving you trouble because of a blocker, you can turn it off for that site or page and you can have Brave remember it on the browser level. That way, you don’t have to change the settings every time.

Because Brave blocks trackers and ads, it loads webpages much faster than other browsers. If you’re paying for megabytes on your mobile plan, this saves you money on data charges because you don’t have to endure the download for what can be surprisingly large ads and trackers.

One counterintuitive extra: Brave offers an innovative rewards program users can opt-into by choosing to view Brave-specific ads. This program allows users to either contribute to sites directly or cash out their rewards via a third-party.

The Bottom Line

As a privacy browser, Brave wins top marks. It has committed to users’ privacy, which is why many of its privacy features are on by default. Users that opt in-to the Brave Rewards program can also expect privacy and anonymity. Contributions made to Brave partners and creators are done anonymously, and there are guards in place that also prevent identifying individuals via the browsing history information collected by the Brave Rewards program.

Download Brave and try it for yourself.

NOTE: If you download Brave and like it, we earn a referral fee. But we’ve been recommending Brave since long before that was true.

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