VPN and ad-blocker apps found to harvest user data

Via Buzzfeed News

If you’ve ever used an app developed by Sensor Tower, we recommend uninstalling it and deleting it from your computer immediately.

The company is behind many popular privacy and security apps such as Adblock Focus, LunaVPN, Mobile Data, and Free and Unlimited VPN. However, the apps were found to secretly harvest user data and send it back to main company, Sensor Tower.

Google and Apple have taken down several apps owned by Sensor Tower after being alerted to how the apps behave and take user information. When pressed, representatives from Sensor Tower have not admitted any wrongdoing and maintain that the user data is aggregated, anonymized, and only collected to ensure the app is functioning correctly.

However, security researchers maintain that the invasive nature of the data collection and the permission the app asks for, is completely unnecessary given what the apps allegedly do for the user.

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