Utah is giving an AI company access to their public data

Via Motherboard

Banjo, a company that claims to alert law enforcement of crimes as they happen, in real time, has a multi-million five-year contract with the state of Utah.

This means Utah will give Banjo access to several camera feeds, 911 emergency systems, location data for state owned vehicles and more.

Using that data, social media feeds, satellites, and other data sources, Banjo will then alert law enforcement with crimes as soon as they occur. It’s done via an algorithm that’s stripped all identifiable data so what law enforcement is being alerted to is the location of the emergency, not an individual.

However, issues are being raised over the fact that there’s no oversight with the access Banjo has on public information, the fact that it’s been done in secret, and the fact that there’s no evidence pointing to the success of using Banjo to aid law enforcement efforts.

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