Spotify acquires new company to improve advertising and tracking capabilities

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Spotify recently announced they would acquire Megaphone, a podcast advertising platform that collects huge amounts of data on podcast listeners.

The Issue

Spotify announced it would pay a reported $235M for Megaphone, a podcast advertising platform that would allow major brands to use the massive amounts of data Megaphone collects to more better target listeners via Spotify’s ad platform.

Spotify currently allows advertisers to drop podcast ads in real-time based on various data points such as location, gender, listening preferences, and other behavioral data. Megaphone, who previously had a partnership with Nielsen, a major data broker and tracking firm, has much more robust data tracking capabilities and would dramatically increase Spotify’s overall user and listener tracking.

As is the case with many social media sites and the internet at large, advertising is lucrative for many companies who offer any services for free (because they can command such a high audience). In Spotify’s case, the more data it can provide, the more it can charge advertisers so Spotify is incentivized to track its users more and deliver more data to advertisers to prove and promise effectiveness.

Your Move

How tracking will look like after Spotify integrates with Megaphone (and whether there’s any option to opt-out or limit it), it currently provides a few options to limit the tracking it currently engages in. Here are our recommendations

  • Reduce or limit any integrations/connections tied to your Spotify account (such as Facebook).
  • Make sure you’re regularly resetting your mobile advertising ID.
  • Spotify gives you an option in Advanced settings on the Desktop App to turn off all cookies, but this may negative impact your Spotify experience.

To learn more, visit Gizmodo.

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