Smart Speakers Accidentally Listen To You Often

Via Vox

New research from Northeastern University found that smart speakers accidentally begin recording audio up 19 times per day. About half the time, the audio is recorded for less than six seconds but the speakers were observed to record as much as 43 seconds.

The devices tested were a Google Home, an Apple Home Pod, a Microsoft/Harman Kardon smart speaker, and several Amazon Echo Dots. The speakers were fed audio from various television shows to try to recreate a living room setting where a tv was on. The devices that accidentally activated most often were the Apple and Microsoft devices.

Unfortunately, if this accidental recording is an issue for you, the best way to remedy this is to have a human review process, which led to major backlash when the discovery of such programs were made.

These programs are usually opt-out and if you don’t want your audio recording to be used in these human review programs, Vox shows you how you can opt out.

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