Popular Dating Sites Leak Sensitive Data of 2.5M records

Via Wired

Security researchers have found that nine different dating services, including 3Somes, Casualx, Herpes Dating, and others, exposed extremely sensitive data via a publicly accessible server.

The researchers found over 800GB of leaked data and 2.5M records. While personally identifiable info such as names and email addresses were leaked, more sensitive data included explicit photos, audio recordings, chat screenshots, as well as payment receipts.

While this wasn’t the result of a hack and instead, improperly stored data, hackers can still take advantage and potentially blackmail users given the sensitivity of the exposed information and the fact that the apps are of sexual nature, some of which, can be problematic depending on the region.

Unfortunately, there is little app users can do – instead, the developers should take down the server and add security measures so they’re not exposed publicly.

To learn more about the leak, visit Wired.

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