Police can crack iPhone passwords with newly discovered software

Via NBC News

Two whistleblowers have recently shed light on the software and efforts made available to police that would allow them to crack and steal users’ iPhone passwords.

iPhones are notoriously secure and Apple has publicly been at odds with the U.S. Justice Department for not unlocking a suspect’s iPhone, citing that the ability to do so would weaken the security for all iPhones.

As a result, law enforcement has moved onto a third party vendor named Grayshift that provides iPhone cracking software to law enforcement. The software tries different passwords on an iPhone in an automated way, eventually making its way in, given enough time. However, if a passcode or PIN is too long, so would the time it would take to figure out the password. Grayshift has another software that is essentially iPhone spyware.

It hides itself on an iPhone and will log the password used to unlock it. When the device gets into the hands of law enforcement, police can use a separate device to extract the password data, giving them a way to unlock the phone.

To learn more about Grayshift, law enforcement’s methods to unlock iPhones, and how Grayshift’s NDA and secrecy may be affecting court outcomes, visit NBC News.

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