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1Blocker Safari Content Blocker (Overview)

Unless you’re using a privacy-focused browser like Brave or the built-in tools found within browsers like Firefox, you need an extension focused on your privacy. 

These tracker blocker extensions help you to browse more privately (and no, private or incognito mode doesn’t do this), and minimize how much of your information gets out to multiple companies (advertisers, social media sites, publishers, data brokers, and more).

For a breakdown on what content blockers are and how to choose one, read our article here.

One of the most powerful content blockers for Safari is 1Blocker, which is available for MacOS and iOS.

1Blocker Features

1Blocker is a robust content blocking extension that’s easy to use and doesn’t overwhelm you with hard-to-understand settings or options. Here’s how it works.

Getting started

1Blocker is quick and easy to set up – you can grab it from the App Store (available on iOS or MacOS) or click the link on their website.

After installing the extension, you have to turn on each separate feature as its own extension before you can use it.

From there, you have a 1Blocker Dashboard allowing you to toggle on/off different kinds of blockers and other custom rules. However, with the free version, you’re only allowed to have one kind of blocker on (and the white list). We’ll cover the differences between versions later.

There are several blocking options. Here’s what they mean for privacy’s sake.

Ads – this is self explanatory. Turning this on will block ads you find on most websites. For privacy’s sake, this should interest you as ads track your browsing and ad interactions.

Trackers – This is largely the reason why you’d install a content blocker – this will block the hidden trackers that load on nearly every site.

Annoyances – this is a bit of a misnomer as it blocks a collection of things. Cryptomining is important here as it can be considered a form of attack that slows down your browsing and may even drain your device’s battery. The cookie notice hide is more about convenience than anything else.

Widgets – Social media buttons and widgets make it easier for you to share content on the social channels but they’re also a way for those companies to track users on those sites, whether or not you’re logged in. These may be worth blocking if you don’t need the sharing convenience.

Comments – depending on the comment software/company, the service powering comments may collect data on visitors that land on those websites.

Adult Sites – this feature isn’t relevant for privacy’s sake (but it’s there if you need it!)

1Blocker also offers regional content blocking and custom options for more advanced users. Regional blocking features blocks ads in different languages and custom options offer the following.

The whitelist option is the only other option you can turn on simultaneously with another blocking option when you have a free site. It allows you to keep a list of sites you don’t want the blocker to work on. We’ll cover why this may be necessary later on.

Cookies are designed to track user behavior and are one of the ways most websites and companies track browsing. Forcing HTTPS ensures you’re on the most secure version of any website. The block sites and hide elements options aren’t necessarily designed for privacy—you’ll know when you need to use them. If you don’t necessarily know when you’ll use it, you probably don’t need it.

Plans and Pricing

1Blocker comes in two tiers, Free and Premium. Free costs nothing (of course) and Premium comes in three pricing tiers, shown below.

You can pay as you go with a monthly price of $2.99, pay annually at $14.99 per year, or pay for a lifetime membership with a one-time billing of $38.99. If you think you’ll stick with 1Blocker (and Safari) for over 2 years, the lifetime price may be a better choice.

Using 1Blocker

If you want to block more than just ads or trackers (or both), Premium offers substantial benefits. With Premium, you can lock down your browser much more effectively, rather than having to choose between options with the free version.

You can also customize your blocking better with the Premium version. And if you’re using Safari on multiple devices (say your phone and laptop), the Premium subscription will cover it. 1Blocker supports unlimited device use with a single Premium subscription.

 If you’re new to using a content blocker, trying 1Blocker out for free will help you get a handle on how websites behave when you start blocking their ads or trackers. Some websites will break or stop you from navigating further if you have a content blocker or ad blocker on – the toggle option makes that easy to get around. This is why the whitelist option is handy (and available with a blocking option on the free tier). if you know you’ll be visiting a certain page often, you can add it to your whitelist so you can keep your blocking and and not have to keep playing with the toggle whenever you visit that page.

Once you’re more familiar with adblocking and tracking blocking and want even more privacy as you browse, you can consider the premium option.

We like 1Blocker because it’s straightforward and easy to use for anyone new to content blocking, while still offering strong customizable features for anything who’s more familiar with this kind of tool.

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