Phishing email scams from delivery impersonators are on the rise

Via TechRepublic

Hackers are going one step further in their phishing and email campaigns. Knowing product shipping has had major delays across most companies, such as Fedex, DHL, and UPS, they’ve started sending emails impersonating those companies.

The emails pretend to apologize for a delay in shipment and ask users to either click a malicious link or download a malicious attachment in order to get more information or potentially see an address where they can pick up the package.

Once clicked on or downloaded, victims will unknowingly download malware that will either give hackers remote access to the device or force the device to be part of a hackers’ botnet.

It’s a clever attack that takes advantage of what many people and companies are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus crisis, making it harder for individuals to harbor suspicions about the messages they receive.

Always make sure you know the sender before clicking on any links or attachments and make sure the details in the email are accurate as well – names, order numbers, tracking numbers, etc.

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Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

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