Personal data sells for cheap on the dark web

Via Privacy Affairs

A new report by Privacy Affairs shows the average price of specific personal or sensitive data available on the dark web. The research shows how relatively inexpensive the information is, given how drastically it can impact someone’s life.

For example, cloned credit cards and and banking logins are available for less than $100 while PayPal login details run above that depending on the account balance. Meanwhile, hacked social accounts also sell for less than $100 but a hacked gmail account costs, on average $155.73.

Malware was one of the few items that had a higher range of prices. Depending on the quality, region, and speed, malware could sell for $6000 on average.

What’s more troubling is that these stolen details and malicious technology came with some level of guarantee and/or instructions for the buyer. For example, for a small amount extra, a buyer could purchase a guide showing them how to cash out a PayPal account without getting caught.

For more information on what else is available on the Dark Web, read Privacy Affairs’ report here.

Photo by Nicolas Picard on Unsplash

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