Over half a million Zoom passwords are being sold in the dark web

Via Bleeping Computer

The Zoom issues don’t let up—just recently, security researchers found email addresses, passwords, and Zoom meeting addresses sold for under a dollar on the dark web, summing up to around 530,000 affected accounts.

However, for once, Zoom can’t be blamed for this breach. Hackers were able to surface the password and email combinations by trying previously breached email and password combinations. If users are reusing passwords, especially for accounts using the same email address, it’s likely that hackers will be able to discover that password for any account, including Zoom.

However, Zoom isn’t completely blameless – if they offered two-factor authentication as a default option, then these kinds of methods hackers employ to obtain passwords and emails wouldn’t be nearly as successful.

As users, you should:

  • never reuse passwords.
  • Enable 2FA if you’re worried about a hacker getting into an account.

When it comes to popular services (as we saw soon after Disney+ rolled out), hackers will flock and target the company knowing it’s likely not to have strong security measures in place and knowing its users might be playing loose with their security.

Take these small precautions and protect yourself.

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