One hacking group is responsible for May’s major data breaches

Via Wired

ShinyHunters, a seemingly new hacker group that seems to have suddenly emerged, is responsible for major data breaches that occurred in May, totaling 200M leaked records from at least 13 companies such as Tokopedia, Microsoft, Zoosk, Home Chef, and several publications.

The hacking group is highly active on the dark web and security researchers have discovered that the group is selling leaked data on dark web marketplaces and making claims that future leaks are coming soon. Security researchers believe that the group may be GnosticPlayers, a well-known hacking group that behaved in similar ways. ShinyHunters has denied this but confirms that they were inspired by the notorious hacking group.

While it seems like the group hasn’t had major success selling leaked data like other hacking groups has, if they’re telling the truth about more leaks coming in the future, you should be vigilant and ensure you’re keeping your accounts secure. And if you were involved in some of the data breaches that have already occurred, change your password immediately and change any other accounts that have the same password.

For more details, visit Wired.

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