New Study Confirms Americans Feel Tracking is Out of Control

Pew Research has released a new study of American thoughts and feelings of the increased tracking by companies and governments, and it shows that awareness and concern about these practices is skyrocketing.

A majority of Americans believe their online and offline activities are being tracked and monitored by companies and the government with some regularity. It is such a common condition of modern life that roughly six-in-ten U.S. adults say they do not think it is possible to go through daily life without having data collected about them by companies or the government.

A few of the major findings include:

  • 81% of the public say that the potential risks they face because of data collection by companies outweigh the benefits, and 66% say the same about government data collection
  • 72% of Americans report feeling that all, almost all or most of what they do online or while using their cellphone is being tracked by advertisers, technology firms or other companies
  • 70% of adults say their personal data is less secure than it was five years ago
  • 9% read a company’s privacy policy before agreeing to it
  • 63% of Americans say they understand very little or nothing at all about the laws and regulations that are currently in place to protect their data privacy

You can read the complete post from Pew here.

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