Last year’s MGM hack is 10x larger than reported

Via ZDNet

The MGM hack that was reported on earlier this year seemed to affect 10M accounts but a new discovery this weekend shows that the affected accounts number in the 142M.

Security researchers found an ad for MGM’s data from the hack on a dark web marketplace. The hacker was selling over 142M records for just over $2,900.

When asked about the discrepancy, MGM confirmed that 142M accounts were compromised and that they reached out to all affected customers. However, they did not correct any of the news reports that initially quoted the hack as affecting 10M customers.

The leaked data includes names, email addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers and postal addresses. They do not include social security numbers, credit card numbers, or hotel stay information.

Some researchers have also mentioned that the number of affected accounts could be closer to 200M, according to some of the available databases hackers are selling on Russian-language marketplaces. Fortunately, if MGM is to be believed, if you were impacted by this hack, MGM has already notified you.

For more details, visit ZDNet.

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