Inaccurate background checks keep renters out

via The Markup

An investigative report from The Markup describes how many rent screeners use loose, faulty, and inaccurate methods to screen whether a potential tenant has a criminal background or past housing issues.

These tenant screener companies often rely on data brokers, who compile public profiles of individuals based on public records and data freely available online (such as social media details). However, the screening companies don’t prioritize accuracy and have been found to compile profiles of several individuals with the same or similar names under one report.

This has led to multiple cases of screenings rejecting potential tenants because individuals with similar names have had a criminal background history.

Currently there’s no regulation or legal reason for companies to improve their accuracy and screening companies claim that making reports more accurate would be too costly, a claim The Markup has disputed based on financial records.

For more information, visit The Markup.

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