IBM Stops Offering Facial Recognition, Citing Civil Rights

Via The Verge

In what seems to be a reaction to the current protests against racism and police brutality (among several other issues), IBM’s CEO Arvind Krishna stated, in a letter to congress, that they will no longer develop or research facial recognition technology.

The letter also states that they oppose using FR tech for surveillance, racial profiling, or other ways that would violate human rights. They also encourage others to open a dialogue on how law enforcement agencies are using facial recognition technology.

This is a huge step for privacy as facial recognition has largely been one of the most invasive technologies available to governments. There’s also increasing evidence that the technology is significantly less accurate when trying to identity non-white individuals which, many experts say, could lead to racial profiling or specifically be used for discriminatory purposes.

To learn more about IBM’s decision, read The Verge’s article here.

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