Huge data exposure leaks 230M+ TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram profiles

Via Forbes

A security research team, Comparitech, recently discovered an unsecured database that exposed 235M of users profiles and personal details tied to TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram profiles.

The Issue

The database, which seems to be the result of massive data scraping tied to the company Social Data, an influencer data marketing company, was left accessible to anyone on the internet with no need for a password or login.

The leaked data included names, photos, account descriptions and stats tied to social media engagement such as followers, audience location, age, and gender. Around 20% of the leaked accounts also contained an email address or phone number.

Fortunately, the database was shut down soon after Social Data was alerted about the breach but it’s unknown how long the database was left unsecured and the company didn’t provide any details as to whether or not there was any unauthorized access.

Your move

As mentioned, it’s not known whether the data was accessed maliciously or if hackers downloaded the data to use in future attacks. Keep an eye on any suspicious emails sent to your email tied to one of these social accounts.

If you want to prevent this type of data breach from affecting your account, you can also set your social media profiles to private. These databases are often amassed via public scraping, automated tools that collect data from public profile pages.

For more details on this exposure, visit Forbes.

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