Hackers use Dropbox, Google Drive and similar links to bypass filters

Via Tech Republic

Researchers have discovered that hackers are evading malware and spam filters by using cloud-based links from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and iCloud.

Malware and spam filters usually work by referencing an updated list of known malicious links. If one of those links are detected, the filter will block or flag the email. However, with hackers using cloud-based links, they’re able to evade these filters and hit people with malware or malicious links.

By using a cloud-based link, hackers can attach a document or embed links within a Dropbox (or similar document). A victim, once they click on the link or download the document, are then hit with malware or taken to a fake site designed to steal credentials.

To avoid succumbing to these kinds of attacks, always make sure you know the sender before clicking on a link.

For more details, visit Tech Republic.

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