Google will stop storing search history indefinitely

Via Google

As part of an announcement of new privacy tools, features, and updates, Google will no longer keep your search history (or other web & app activity) for longer than 18 months, compared to the previous policy that kept the data indefinitely. This is now a default setting and a major improvement in terms of keeping user data more private.

Other changes include having the same limitation on by default when location history is turned on (location history, by default, is now off). As for Youtube, the data will be kept longer—36 months—unless you change it.

These new defaults apply to new users so if you have a Google account, you may want to double check your settings and see how long Google will be holding onto your data.

Google also added a Password Checkup feature to its Security Checkup dashboard, allowing you to see whether your password was part of a prior breach.

These are all great moves and we commend Google for giving more control and privacy to users.

To learn more about what’s available to you, check out the blog post by Google and go to the Security Checkup page to see what helpful changes you can make to your account.

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