Google detects hundreds of millions COVID-19 related spam and malware attacks daily

Via Google

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) recently published some interesting findings around phishing, spam, and email attacks that are using COVID-19 and the coronavirus as a lure. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Around 18 million malware and phishing Gmail messages were detected.
  • Around 240 million spam messages were detected on a daily basis.
  • The attacks (though not all) can be attributed to government-backed attackers who targeted dozens of countries across multiple continents.
  • National and international health organizations continue to be a frequent target for these kinds of attacks.

Google claims they block 99.9% of these spam messages so most users aren’t even seeing the emails or messages. However, some do come through and they promise new details on the virus, financial relief, or they impersonate other companies and offer ‘coupons’ in an attempt to get users to download malware.

For more details and examples of some of these attacks, check out Google’s blog post.

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