Facial recognition is coming to police bodycams

Via OneZero

OneZero has learned that Wolfcom is trialing and planning to sell law enforcement body cameras equipped with facial recognition technology. It’s a move that other facial recognition companies haven’t yet taken. Axon famously decided against putting FR tech in their body cameras and NEC, a huge supplier of FR tech to law enforcement and other global companies, also does not provide facial recognition to body cameras.

Wolfcom is currently trialing a beta program with two officers from one law enforcement department. Wolfcom’s marketing says that the camera could identify anyone an officer is speaking to as a person of interest, a suspect, or a missing person. They also have plans to introduce a command center that would allow a personal to tap into any body camera from a centralized location.

Having sold cameras to over 1500 law enforcement departments, universities, and federal organization, Wolfcom’s reach is concerning if they start to heavily push the use of facial recognition equipped bodycams. As OneZero reports, Wolfcom has not detailed how accuracy their FR tech is or what data sets are being used to match faces.

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