Email scams use coronavirus fears to get victims

Via the BBC and Buzzfeed News

Several email phishing and malware campaigns have been discovered, exploiting coronavirus fears in several ways.

The BBC has identified 5 different campaigns ranging from promises of a vaccine (designed to steal login information), asking for relief fund donations (in the form of bitcoin), promising tax refunds, and posing as the WHO and asking victims to download an information sheet that is really a piece of malware.

Buzzfeed News on the other hand, has also found several emails impersonating test coronavirus and HIV test results. The emails ask people to download their test results (as attachments in the emails) but the test results are 1) fake and 2) actually trojans designed to steal your information and potentially give hackers remote access to your device.

As with anything related to coronavirus, always look for legitimacy, make sure you can trust the source, site, and sender, and be careful before needlessly downloading anything.

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