Dropbox adds new privacy and security features

Via VentureBeat and Dropbox

Dropbox is making moves in the privacy and security space. They’ve recently more publicly rolled out Dropbox Passwords, a standalone app that works like a traditional password manager. It syncs and stores passwords for you and autofills them whenever you need to log-in.

The password manager needs to be downloaded and installed separately and it’s currently available for paid Dropbox users.

Dropbox Vault is also a new feature designed to store and share files and folders more securely. The files in your vault are only accessible with a PIN and on or the mobile app. The files are not stored on a local users’ device.

Dropbox is also offering a backup sync option for files and folders on your PC and will be rolling out a family plan quite soon for easier file and account sharing options.

These features are all still in beta and available for Dropbox Plus users on mobile devices.

If you’re a Microsoft OneDrive user, you may have access to the Personal Vault, a similar feature that gives you access to a specific folder only with additional authentication (whether a PIN or fingerprint, among other options). The difference here is that the files are kept on your device and encrypted until you access them.

To learn more about the newly announced features, check out Dropbox’s blog post here.

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