Despite scrutiny, Clearview wants to expand globally [BuzzFeed News]

Clearview AI, the secretive facial recognition company that was exposed by the New York Times several weeks ago has major plans to expand globally despite scrutiny from the public and private sector.

Buzzfeed News has obtained a document detailing how Clearview has or plans to expand to over 22 countries, some of which are known for their human rights abuses, surveillance, and authoritarian governments.

Stateside, however, Clearview has been faced with cease and desist letters from companies like Twitter and Facebook, who claim Clearview’s practice of scraping images from profiles is against their terms of service. Clearview is also being sued for violating Illinois’ state law on biometric data collection. Clearview maintains their right to scrape public data as allowed by the First Amendment.

For more information, check out BuzzFeed’s article here.

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