Data breach database leaks, exposing 13B records

Via CPO Magazine

A data breach index site went down, leaking its entire library of 23,000+ databases on several public and private channels, exposing over 13B records.

The Issue

Cit0Day, a site that was responsible for collecting hacked databases and offering the data to subscribed members, was hacked back in September and the site was taken offline. The hackers falsified an FBI takedown notice on the site and released over 23,600 databases on a popular file-sharing site. The data included 13B records and over 50GB of total data.

Even though the link was taken down, much of the data had already circulated across Telegram, Discord, and other popular hacker forums. The leaked data varied widely but includes passwords, account details, email addresses, and more.

Your Move

The leaked data isn’t new data but the issue lies in how much more accessible it has become. When it was being shared on the Cit0Day, scammers needed to know about the site and willing to pay for access to the data. Now that it has leaked and sprung up across a number of sources, it’s become much more accessible, putting your data and information at risk.

The best way to prevent hackers from using your data against you is to practice safe behaviors and habits. Enable 2FA on your most important accounts, check to see what data breaches your email and passwords are tied to, and use a password manager.

To learn more about this data breach leak, visit CPO Magazine.

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