[UPDATED] Antivirus company Avast found to sell user data [Motherboard]

Update: Days after it was discovered exposed Avast’s subsidiary, Jumpshot, was selling Avast’s browsing data to other companies, the CEO has announced that Jumpshot will be shutting down and the practice of selling its users’ browsing data will end, effective immediately. For more information, you can read the CEO’s statement here and you can read Verge’s breakdown here.

Avast, a popular antivirus company has been found to sell its user data via its subsidiary, Jumpshot. Avast states that it has over 435M users and sells browsing data of over 100M devices, according to Jumpshot’s marketing.

Motherboard’s exclusive report also shows how Jumpshot asked for confidentiality from its clients despite claiming that users opted-in to having their data used in this way.

For more details, check out the article here.

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