Android devices are vulnerable to chip-based attacks


The same chip that allows quick charging or phones to run complicated augmented reality games on Android devices is quite vulnerable.

The Issue

Security researchers have discovered that these processing chips, called digital signal processors, can be leveraged by attackers to take over entire Android devices and steal data or force the device to take actions, bypassing traditional security controls.

One type of digital signal processing chip, the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, has over 400 vulnerabilities and is found in 40% of all Android devices. Qualcomm, the manufacturer, has updated and patched some of these vulnerabilities but device makers need to push those updates and fixes out via their own devices.

Your move

Fortunately, these vulnerabilities haven’t been exploited in the wild so the risk is still theoretical at this point. Still, with more time, hackers will be able to discover these vulnerabilities and find ways to attack devices. As chip and device manufacturers work to make these security fixes available, make sure your devices are as up-to-date as possible. Missing a crucial update may leave your device exposed to these potential issues.

For more details, visit CNET.

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